ITELMATIS is committed to the development of control, supervision and data acquisition systems with competitive prices and a high technology innovation component. We develop solutions for a variety of industry sectors such as agriculture, aquaculture, water treatment stations, irrigation, building management and manufacturing.



At Itelmatis we believe in cooperation and we have an open minded approach to new challenges. We develop solutions and control systems projects for machinery and equipment in cooperation with other companies that become beneficiaries of all the potential of our S-Monitor software.


We build distribution, power and control electric panels as a complementary service to our software solutions. We design and implement industrial electrical installations and automate existing equipment and installations by recycling them and providing them with the most recent technologies.



All of our solutions and services include specialised and efficient technical support.

Water Management
>> Pumping Stations
>> Pumping Stations for Clean Water

>> Pumping Stations for Residual Water
>> Wells
>> Availability Management

Industrial Facilities
>> Manufacturing
>> Refurbishments
>> Projects

>> Greenhouses
>> Irrigation
>> Fertigation
>> Irrigation Pivots Control

>> Maintenance Contracts
>> Audits
>> Diagnostics and Repairs


Building Management System

Electrical Panels
>> Distribution Panels
>> Power Panels
>> Control Panels

>> Refrigerated Chambers
>> AHU and MAU

>> Boilers

SCADA and HMI Software >> Description
>> Support