Well integrated control solutions

The management and coordination of several wells is essential to optimise water and energy resources.

The S-Well controll and supervision application tuns these tasks automatic and makes it possible to collect data for the performance analysis of several wells.

General configuration screen overview:

Main well configuration screen:

Functional application features:

  • Real-time visualization of the evolution of water levels, pressure, water flow, equipment failures, equipment number of serviced hours and all other variables involved in the controlling process
  • Historical information of all events and measurements for graphic analysis, excel exporting or for scenario simulation to detect technical problems
  • SMS alarms in case of equipment failure with the option to select which users receive each one of them
  • Measurement of variables with set limits to trigger SMS alarms
  • Instant and cumulative outflow measurement (partial and total)
  • Integrated time meters to measure the electric pump working times (partial and total)
  • Option to calibrate the level probes, pressure and flow meter using the software
  • SMS report of the general status of the installation requested with a simple rejected call
  • Creation and edition of customized maintenance messages by the number of hours of service
  • Programming of personalised maintenance SMS alarms based on the equipment's number of hours of service
  • All the associated advantages of the S-Monitor, including the possibility of integration of additional equipment and solutions into a single platform.

The controler:

The well electric pump controller is a product developed specifically for this function and it allows an accurate control and regulation to maximise the lifespan of the pump and the well.

Main functions:

  • Reading and recording of the instant flow and two internal flow accumulators
  • Reading and recording of the output pressure
  • Reading and recording of the hydrostatic level
  • Output pressure control
  • Instant outflow contro
  • 2 timetables for the definition of the beginning and the end of the work
  • Information and limit of the number of starts per hour
  • Information and limit of the working time in 24 hours
  • Information and limit of cubic meters in 24 hours
  • Maximum pressure level protection
  • Minimum pressure level protection
  • Minimum outflow protection
  • Definition of various pressurizing or filling profiles depending of the time
  • Motor valve control for switching according to the profile
  • Stop by configurable limit of the number of starts per hour
  • Stop  by configurable limit of the maximum working time in 24 hours
  • Stop by configurable limit of the number of cubic meters authorized in 24 hours


  • High speed digital input (3KHz)
  • Analogical input for pressure prove readings
  • Analogical  input for hydrostatic level probe readings
  • Speed controller through Modbus communication(OMRON E7 and V1000, others on request).

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