The water treatment pumping stations require a robust flawless control system as there are several essential pieces of equipment to monitor and control. For the most demanding clients, Itelmatis hasdeveloped a complete solution with features specifically designed for this purpose.


Example of a water treatment pumping station with four pumping groups with speed variation

Although this solution is not limited to a set number of pieces of equipment the basic version supports:

  • Real time visualization of the level evolution, gate opening, equipment status and failures, equipment working hours and all variables involved in the process
  • Historical information of all the events and measurements for graphic analysis, excel file exporting and event simulation with historic data for the detection of technical problems
  • SMS failure alarms with the option to include or exclude each user
  • Pumping groups control with or without speed variation
  • Speed variator rotation among the pumps
  • Redundant control by buoy sensor and/or level probe
  • Extraction and insufflation ventilation control
  • Multiple mechanical grid control
  • Deodorization ventilator control
  • H2S level measurement with high level SMS alarms
  • Automatic priority control change from level prove to buoy sensor in case of level probe failure
  • Input gate opening control by modulation or fixed steps
  • Instant and accumulated (total or partial) flow measurement
  • Facility's transformer substation monitoring with failure reporting
  • Facility's electrical generator monitoring with failure reporting
  • Facility's electrical energy supply quality monitoring through network analysis readings
  • Equipment working hours metering (total and partial)
  • Calibration option for level proves, H2S and flow probes directly through the software
  • Tailored SMS reports of the facility´s state tequested with a simple rejected call
  • Creation of tailored SMS to schedule maintenance operations having in account the number of serviced hours of each piece of equipment
  • All the advantages of the S-Monitor software are associated to the process, highlighting the possibility of integrating additional equipment and solutions within a unique platform

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