The S-Monitor software is a supervision, control and data acquisition software that includes a wide range of services turning it into an indispensable tool.

Developed and commercialised by Itelmatis Control Systems, it integrates a huge variety of tools and functionalities as a result of its continuous development based on user feedback on real needs.

Associated to an automaton based installation, it allows access to parameterization, control and monitoring of the equipment. It integrates system analysis tools such as data tables, 2D and 3D graphs and record simulation.

It is equipped with a powerful control remote system which allows users to manage the entire system by SMS among many other services.



 Controlo Remoto  - Mensagens SMS com alertas do sistema. - Controlo remoto através de envio de SMS.  - Relatórios personalizados. - Chamadas com acções programadas Investimento seguro. - Actualizações de versão gratuitas para sempre. - Expansão do número de variáveis. - Expansão do número de utilizadores. - Desenvolvimento constante e activo. Ferramentas de análise - Gráficos personalizáveis, 2D e 3D. - Configuração fácil usando o ecrã de sinópticos. - Exportação automática para ficheiros Excel. - Simulação de eventos passados. Utilizadores e segurança - Versões comerciais até 1000 utilizadores. - Acessos condicionados individualmente. - Acessos condicionados por horário. - Protecção com palavra-chave. Acções programadas por si - 500 programas disponíveis  - Condições por horário ou frequência. - Programação fácil usando o ecrã de sinópticos. Histórico Ilimitado - Base de dados integrada - Optimização para velocidade - Registos por evento ou programados - Limpeza automática de registos passados

S-Monitor Characteristics:

  1. Online recording of the system’s activity by time, event or both
  2. Tailor made 2D & 3D graphics of the system variables
  3. Online & offline tailor made charts
  4. Lines, bars or pie charts
  5. Manual or automatic excel data exporting, for tailor made reports
  6. Automatic online creation of excel files with data gathered from the system’s variables
  7. System parameterization through simple and user friendly graphic design screens with animations associated to the equipment and buttons
  8. Creation of scheduled programs conditioned by any variable of the system
  9. Activation, deactivation and execution of programs via SMS
  10. Automatic or user requested remote control, alarm identification and status reports
  11. Automatic or by user request intelligent SMS reports able to adapt their content depending on the variable’s status
  12. Tailor made SMS with content defined by the user, with or without the values and status of the defined variables
  13. SMS with the user’s customized orders to command the system or question it about its status
  14. User access control locally and via SMS
  15. Activation and deactivation of the system’s users via SMS
  16. The user may choose the variables to follow closely via SMS
  17. Remote control via SMS (deactivation of the SMS services, activation and deactivation of the transparent mode, activation of an external application, restarting of the S-Monitor software, etc.)
  18. Allows the user to send messages/recommendations to the other system users
  19. Message validation system in order to prevent delayed messages from being executed
  20. SMS warnings for power failures and their resolution
  21. Records of all sent and received SMS
  22. Setting of PC date & time via SMS (even when the message is delayed)
  23. Online printing of the system’s activity
  24. Voice and text messages between the different users of the system
  25. Possibility to work with older PCs as the software demand levels can be regulated
  26. Replay visualisation using the data gathered by the system
  27. System’s access via modem
  28. Access via modem to the automaton connected to the S-Monitor (transparent mode)
  29. External application execution for a variety of services (an example being an application for the remote management of the PC connected to the S-Monitor)
  30. Data sharing between S-Monitor systems ( The user may share values and status between systems and other equipment as long as they are all based on S-Monitor or S-Monitor compatible)
  31. Network operation (The user may access the system from any PC as long as it is connected in the same network)
  32. Manual and automatic synchronization of the date & time among all the computers of the S-Monitor network (local stations & remote stations)
  33. Totally expandable system ( possibility of using the same programme to control additional systems that can benefit from being associated to the S-Monitor)


Commercial Versions

Types of Communication:

- Local station – This type of connection is directly linked to the software and may be used as a gateway for the remote stations;

- Remote station – This type of connection allows direct access to one or more local stations or to other remote stations through a network of PCs, allowing the system to be operated from different places.

Number of users

There are available versions with 10, 100 and 1000 users.

Number of variables (Tags)

There are available versions from 200 to any number of variables.

Standard versions:dasdasd

- 200 variables (100 digital + 100 analogue);

- 1.000 variables (500 digital + 500 analogue);

- 2.000 variables (1.000 digital + 1.000 analogue);

- 4.000 variables (2.000 digital + 2.000 analogue);

- 10.000 variables (5.000 digital + 5.000 analogue).


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Industrial Facilities
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>> Greenhouses
>> Irrigation
>> Fertigation
>> Irrigation Pivots Control

>> Maintenance Contracts
>> Audits
>> Diagnostics and Repairs


Building Management System

Electrical Panels
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>> Control Panels

>> Refrigerated Chambers
>> AHU and MAU

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