Solutions for aquaculture integrated control

In the aquaculture industry,  the smooth operation of equipment like the water aeration, feeding and oxygen injection is essential.

The productivity and profitability of the facility depend on the knowledge and proper control of the different values involved in the process.

The integrated system control solution for aquaculture provided by Itelmatis Control Systems allows overall monitoring of the facility and its graphics are also a powerful data analysis tool. It allows for SMS alarm messages to be sent in case of equipment failure and, if connected to the internet, it will allow you to control and visualise the facility from wherever you are.


Example 1 – Software control for aquaculture integrated in a S-Monitor software platform

Examples of controlled processes and their funcionality in que aquaculture industry:

  • Oxygen concentration control through injection valves, number of connected aerators and rotation control of each one of them
  • Feeding equipment control by schedule, sensor, or manually
  • Water flow control through pumps, with or without speed variation
  • Remote control of any equipment connected to the system, aerators, flowbulls, pumps, etc.
  • Inhibition of the functioning of secondary equipment or its rescheduling in order to avoid reaching the facility's power limit
  • Configuration of the equipment that should be still working in case of power failure to prevent the generators from overloading
  • Management of the equipment starting sequence as the power is re-established on the facility
  • Lightening management by schedule, luminosity, or manually
  • Intruder alarm system

Some of the measured and registered parameters:

  • Feeding quantities and schedules
  • Tank oxygen concentration
  • pH
  • Water temperature
  • Air temperature
  • Oxygen pressure
  • Refrigerated chambers temperature
  • Metering and energy quality analisys, active power, reactive power, etc.
  • Equipment status (on, off, automatic, manual, failures, etc.)
  • Wind’s speed and direction

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