Greenhouse Environmental Control

The environmental S-Green control solution from Itelmatis allows the control integration of the most common greenhouse equipment in one unique centralized and expandable solution.

It is a flexible product that can control from a single roof of a greenhouse to a set of greenhouses with great equipment variety. It is highly customizable and can be adapted to any real situation.

It can include a weather station that collects all the necessary data in order to achieve the correct temperature and humidity control and to protect the greenhouse from strong winds and heavy rain.

Common equipment controlled:

  • Thermal screens
  • Rooftops and zenithal windows
  • Lateral windows
  • Gas burners
  • Heathers
  • Gas, diesel or other types of boilers
  • Motorized valves
  • Foggers
  • Irrigation valves
  • Dosing pumps
  • Aerators
  • Sulfur burners
  • Fans
  • Illumination

Example of most used probes:

  • Inside & outside temperature
  • Inside & outside humidity
  • Inside & outside solar radiation
  • Wind direction and velocity
  • Rain
  • Rain intensity
  • CO2

Environmental Control System Characteristics:

1 - Greenhouse inside temperature control according to the interval or objective

2 - Greenhouse inside humidity control by interval or set value having into account the relative humidity

3 - Priority equipment definition for temperature and humidity control

4 - Correction of the defined temperature objective by the influence of the dew temperature

5 - Correction of the defined temperature objective by the influence of the solar energy accumulated through the day

6 - Control of tank water warming by fixed heating ramp, set value or automatic heating ramp

7 - Boiler control

8 - Definition of boiler starting times

9 - Alarm detection: high CO2, wind, equipment failure

10 - Automatic, semi-automatic and manual control of motorized windows, motorized moisturizer valve, thermal screen, circulation pumps, dehumidifiers, boilers, etc.

11 - Cost control by boiler electricity and gas consumtion metering

12 - Totally expandable systems with extra probes or equipment

13 - As the system is based on the S-Monitor software, all its features are also available

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